Welcome to ESCAPE! at Margarita Adventures, the Central Coast’s newest and most inventive escape room.

Welcome to ESCAPE!

at Margarita Adventures

Getting in is easy—but do you have what it takes to escape? ESCAPE! will put your creativity, ingenuity and teamwork to the test as you encounter one surprise after another. Keep your head on a swivel, because you never know what’s coming next. The only guarantee is that you will have a great time!


Rita’s Relics

About Rita’s Relics:

Rita, our resident librarian, has gone missing. As you step into her library in search of clues, the riddles will only multiply. You have one hour to find her and solve the mystery. From artifacts of antiquity to technologies from the future, you will use your hands, feet and, most of all, your mind to unlock the key to Rita’s location and become an ESCAPE! room hero.

What they’re saying about Rita’s Relics:

“I have been to sooo many escape rooms and this one is the best I’ve ever been to.”
-Stacey, Early Customer

“It was incredible…SUPER FUN!”
-Rachel N., Google Reviews

“It was so fun and challenging…Looking forward to going again!”
-Steffi B., TripAdvisor

ESCAPE! at Margarita Adventures

The Central Coast’s newest and most inventive escape room experience.

Based in Santa Margarita in San Luis Obispo County, Margarita Adventures is renowned for its zipline tours and nature tours. Now comes ESCAPE! as yet another addition to the adventure family.

ESCAPE! opened in 2023 with our inaugural escape room experience titled “Rita’s Relics,” which is described by creator Frank Rodgers as “Indiana Jones meets Close Encounters.” Frank is now busy putting the finishing touches our next escape room experiences.

So what makes ESCAPE! so unique? It’s our blend of classic escape room motifs combined with an array of interactive special effects and imaginative challenges.

This Google review by Rachel N. says it all: “It was incredible. My family of four has done 50+ escape rooms all over the country and this was definitely in our top five. The prop quality and technology used was top notch and above all…SUPER FUN!”

Do you have what it takes to escape? Book your tour today and put your creativity, ingenuity and teamwork to the test!

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ESCAPE! You will love it.


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